out of focus holding hands photo during mt hood couples session

Mt Hood Couples Session


Mt Hood couples photos always turn out amazing. If you’re going to take couples or engagement photos in Oregon, I always recommend choosing one of Oregon’s grand locations. In my mind, this includes, the Columbia River Gorge, the Oregon Coast, central Oregon, and Mt Hood. When it comes to the mountain, we’ll want to decide our time frame based on the snow pack. It’s safe to say July, August, and September will be easily accessible, and you may even find some wildflowers depending on the location in July and August.

This location in particular had been on my bucket list to shoot at, so we headed up to take some photos there so I could have the chance to capture Mt Hood’s beauty in the warm summer months. There are various locations within the vicinity of Mt Hood, so you could opt for multiple locations to add diversity to your shoot, but any location will stop you in your tracks on its own. Depending on what you’re feeling, there are also options that are close to parking access OR can be more remote and require a short (or long) hike to reach. I’m up for whatever you’re after!

I always recommend and love when couples choose an adventure location for their shoot. While there are so many great local spots in the Portland metro area, nothing beats these Oregon landmarks. When you are looking for engagement photo locations, I often recommend adventurous spots to put something fun and exciting on your invitations in the form of a photo.

Ready to book a session at Mt Hood? Reach out to schedule and we can look at options for the various locations it has to offer. We may find the mountain trails, wildflowers, or bodies of water; whichever one fits the look you’re going for!

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