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Andrew and Melissa chose to elope for their marriage, and it was perfect for them! They chose to have an Oregon Coast Elopement at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City. After getting ready in the morning, they picked up Melissa’s bridal bouquet from a floral shop on the coast and set out to our meeting location. For logistics, they had gotten legally married the day before at the courthouse and had this day as their ceremony just for themselves. They wrote their own vows to each other and exchanged rings in the tide pool area with cliffs rising behind them.

What Season is Best to Elope at the Coast?

You’ll never be able to be 100% safe from the rain and wind, but your best bet for good weather will be the summer months. This elopement took place in April, notoriously one of the rainiest months. When you’re eloping, you have the flexibility to change dates if you need to. We ended up pushing this back by one day so that we could get some dry weather, and we were successful! I could not have imagined a better April day at the coast. The sun even began to shine near the end of our photos.

black and white detail photo of bride reading vows on oregon coast

After the ceremony, we took some portraits in the tide pool area before beginning the hike up the Cape. It’s a very steep walk, but nothing too crazy. I love Cape Kiwanda specifically as a location for an Oregon Coast Elopement because there is such a diversity in backgrounds. There’s the water, the tide pools, the cape, and when you’re close to the rocks, it looks like a completely different place. On top of Cape Kiwanda, there are some gorgeous views. Always stay in designated areas that you are allowed to be in. I have seen so many articles of sinkholes occurring here and it can be scary. Follow all signage to stay safe. And hey, with AI Photoshop these days, you can easily have the safety fences edited out of your photos; there’s no need to climb a fence and put yourself in danger.

This elopement was so relaxed and just the way they intended it to be. They were able to include their dog in some photos near the end and enjoy their time at the coast for a few days.

How to Elope at the Oregon Coast

Now, if you want to go the same route as Melissa and Andrew and make this a fully private elopement ceremony, you can get legally married before you go for photos. That way you don’t need to coordinate with any witnesses or your officiant. You can also choose to bring your officiant and witnesses with you, and I’m always happy to serve as one of your witnesses too!

As long as you aren’t setting up a full on ceremony with an arch, aisle, and rows of chairs, it’s free game to take your photos and read your vows on the beach. It is definitely an affordable option when it comes to wedding locations, it’s nature’s own wedding venue!

Ready to plan your Oregon Coast Elopement? I’m here to help! I’ll provide ideas for activities you can do during your elopement so that it’s not just an all day photo shoot. We can hit multiple locations, do fun things, and explore! Reach out today.

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