Vancouver Washington barn wedding in July

Vancouver, WA Barn Wedding


This Vancouver, WA barn wedding was so lovely! The barn itself was gorgeous, I love that the owners chose white with the contrasting wood door. I’ve worked at a lot of barn venues, and this is one of my favorites for the aesthetic.

Feautures of this Barn Wedding Venue

Starting at the beginning of the day, one of my favorite features of any venue the bridal suite. The mirrors in this room are to die for and make for some gorgeous getting ready shots! The wood accent wall is also a pretty detail in this space. The white chairs, white walls, and white curtains allow for ample lighting for both the makeup artist and your photographer.

Along with the getting-ready suite itself, the upstairs has some nice spots for detail shots and can keep everyone hidden away if you are opting to not see each other before the wedding. For photographers who are nervous about finding a place to hang the dress (like me!), this made it super easy with the railing to hang them off of. I loved the details this bride chose for her day, including these custom hangers for her and the bridesmaids! A great idea from these photos is to incorporate your wedding colors into your shoes. The touch of pink looks great with all of the accessories.

Again in the photos below, you can see the exposed wood accent wall along with white walls for brightness. Almost all of the interior (and exterior) is white, making super clean and crisp photos.

Are you team first-look?

This is a personal choice, and always stick with what you want to do, but I always recommend a first look for logistical reasons. It frees up so much time after the ceremony to enjoy your guests and the celebration instead of having to go take photos for a while. Take a look at Lindsay and Cody’s first look out on the lawn below. They opted for some personal vows following this so that they could express their love for each other in private. For shy couples, this might be a good option if you’re nervous about speaking in front of all your guests.

Following this, we went into the wedding party and family photos. My go-to spot for group photos is in front of the barn doors. The wood doors offer a neutral yet contrasted background. It was sunny during these photos as well, so we were able to find some shade and better lighting using this background.

Their ceremony was held on the lawn, with the sun shining down. Their hexagon arch was decorated in florals that matched the scheme.

Sometimes couples struggle with the balance of the calm, reserved family crowd and the young, wild friend crowd. These two actually split their wedding day into two parts. Following the ceremony with their closest family and friends, they cut their cake and served some desserts. The afternoon ended with a bubble sendoff! If your wedding is ending during daylight, I love bubble sendoffs as an alternative to sparklers.

We used the short break in between the two crowds for Cody and Lindsay’s wedding day portraits.

Another struggle I see with sparkler exits is that a lot of guests leave before the very end of the night. If you want the look of sparklers, I sometimes recommend just using your wedding party for a sparkler background! It’s a similar effect and requires less coordination.

Reach out if you are interested in booking your wedding with Kendi Photos! I hope you enjoyed this inspiration for a Vancouver, WA White Barn Wedding

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